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22 June 2009 @ 02:34 pm
The World Is Quite Here.  

Ethan crashed to the ground, his nose exploding on the cold, hard concrete. Their taunts were now a mere echo in the alley way. Yet they still pierced his brain like tiny verbal knives. He winced in pain as he tried to move, his entire right arm covered in blood.
He managed to pull himself upright and fell against the ally wall, gasping for air.
He started to calm a little and assess the extent of his injuries. He pulled out a long bandage from his school bag; the whole thing had almost become part of his mundane routine now.

He cleaned up his right arm a little to reveal a group of slashes, positioned to form the word ‘Fag’, he winced as he tied the bandage around it. He would deal with his nose when he got home. He stared around at all the paper, scattered around him. His drawings, Poems and short stories, now floated in various puddles. He had put so much work into them, hoping one day to get something published, to be recognised for his work, instead of ridiculed. He could start a new life, far away from here. He leaned over slightly to collect a few sheets that had escaped being ruined. Grapping his bag his started his journey home, the cool evening air somehow numbing the stinging in his nose.

Not really concentrating on where he was going, the walk between the alley and his house  went quickly. He quietly opened the front door, crept inside, and up the stairs. He met his mother on the stairs, cigarette in her right hand, and glass of whiskey in the other.
“thought you were upstairs. You eaten?” She asked, between puffs of smoke. Ethan coughed as he inhaled it, it stung his throat.
“No, I’ve just got in” He knew it was pointless saying, she didn’t care anyway. From the sounds of things, she didn’t even know he’d been missing for 4 hours. She barged past him and down the stairs. He continued into his room, slamming his door and leaning against it. Slowly sliding to the ground, Tears consumed his eyes.

Only the start so far,

Location: Living Room
Music: Take That -__-